About Cardinal Industrial

Cardinal Industrial is one of the country’s leading investors in warehousing and distribution real estate, with a 30-year track record of successfully providing logistics solutions to our business clients and above-market returns to our investors.

As a privately held company, Cardinal has the ability to act quickly and decisively to take advantage of local market dynamics in a manner not possible by larger, public firms that may be burdened with non-real estate related issues such as national public market sentiment and cumbersome corporate operating structures. 


Focused Investment Strategy

Cardinal pursues a disciplined investment strategy focused on single tenant, warehousing and distribution properties that benefit from excellent access to major transportation modes, strong underlying tenancy and long-term leases.

Experienced Management Team

Cardinal’s management team represents $7B+ in historical transaction volume and averages 15+ years per team member.

Strong Track Record

Cardinal has a 20+ year track record of providing income plus growth to its investors and effective solutions to its corporate clients.